Meredith Lewis was one of our very first Holiday Tastemakers back in 2016, so we were thrilled to catch up with her as we continue our Creative Chats series. Meredith loves classic Southern decor, elegant table settings, and has an overall penchant for bold colors – elements the Dixie team is drawn to as well! Continue reading for Meredith’s candid interview as she talks about the impact COVID-19 has had on her family, what is bringing her joy, and the kindness of others her family has experienced over the last weeks.

What is currently inspiring you? 

Spring is my absolute favorite, and if we have to be quarantined, what a beautiful time of year to be at home and outside. I’m enjoying the beautiful weather, blooms everywhere, gardening, needlepointing, and having dinner outside with my family.

What is one positive to being at home for you during this time?

I haven’t mentioned this online before, but my husband has been home sick with COVID-19 for the last three weeks. We have been trying to find something to be thankful for every day. Some days we were just thankful he was strong enough to get out of bed and come sit outside with us, and other days, like today, we are thankful that he has finally tested negative and is well again.

How are you practicing kindness:

We have been overwhelmed by the kindness of others over these last few weeks and I have learned some things from being on the receiving end. First, as much as I love making everything beautiful, with matching bows and gift tags and all the things, it really is the thought that counts. I know that in the past, I have missed opportunities to show love or support for someone in my delay to get it just perfect. Honestly though, just having a neighbor bring up the newspaper from the street and flowers from her yard, a phone call to check on us, a bag of tacos from Moe’s, or a sweet treat for the kids… it just shows you care. It’s been amazing to see all of the different, creative and thoughtful ways people have shown love and kindness to our family.

Name one item in your home that is bringing you joy or that has new meaning in this time?

The one thing in our home that has brought me the most joy during this time has been our back porch. It’s been our gathering place most days, where we can be together, but safely distanced too. Our jasmine covers the porch, and is blooming right now, which smells like heaven.

We’re seeing a surge in physical correspondence as there is always something special about receiving a hand-written note and people now have more time. If you were to send a physical note to three of your Instagram friends, who would they be?

We have treasured every hand written note that we have received through this stressful time, and I will keep each one, to be sure! If I were to write a note to 3 Instagram friends, it would be to Laurie of @lboriginals, Emily of @Elevengables, and to y’all, of course!

What are three of your favorite items or patterns currently on Dixie’s website?

I have so many! But here are a few to highlight:

Ginger Jar Collection by Holly Hollon

Dash and the Topiary Collection by Shanna Masters

Both the Carnations Collection and the Sweet Heart Cerulean Collection by Gina Langford

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