While Gen Sohr, Southern Tastemaker and Co-Founder of Pencil & Paper Co., may be physically tied to her house as she quarantines, staying home doesn’t seem to have curtailed her trademarks. Her flair for color combined with her impeccable eye for all things chic means that Gen’s Instagram feed oozes sophisticated interiors, wardrobe pieces, and unique vintage finds. Gen was one of our Holiday Tastemakers last year, and we had a ball recently catching up with her and hearing about all of the ways she has tried to feed her creativity throughout her time at home. Enjoy our Creative Chat with her below!

What is currently inspiring you? 

Looking through my old travel photos, getting outside, setting the table, and late night vintage hunting! PS – tune into our Instagram stories to get in on the vintage fun! (We share our favorite vintage finds of the day that are available for purchase.)

What is one positive to being at home for you during this time? 

It feels a bit like going back in time. We are enjoying taking extra care setting the table, spending time working on our little garden, and slowing down to enjoy evening cocktails (in pretty vintage glasses of course).

How are you practicing:

-Creativity? Flower arranging, reimagining our garden folly, finishing house projects that we are never normally home to tackle!

-Kindness (towards yourself and others)? We’ve been surprising family and friends with meal deliveries and lots of zoom call cocktail hours!

-Discipline (your work, your health, your routines)? We’re working more than ever but are also trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather for evening walks.

Name one item in your home that is bringing you joy or that has new meaning in this time? 

I’ve never been so happy to be surrounded by art that brings me joy and reminds me of our travel adventures!

We’re seeing a surge in physical correspondence as there is always something special about receiving a hand-written note and people now have more time. If you were to send a physical note to three of your Instagram friends, who would they be? 

@jordanferney, @sarahflynt_nyc, @thefrancesflair

What are some of your favorite items or patterns currently on Dixie’s website?

Woodland Baby Shower Invitation by Inslee Fariss
Palladio Blue Invitation by Inslee Fariss


Chic Chinoiserie Crest Gift Set by Gina Langford
English Ivy Gift Set by Gina Langford


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