Please join us in welcoming new artist Nancy Noreth to the Dogwood Hill family! Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Nancy’s collection of hand-painted prints and patterns are influenced by nature, music, travel, her Mexican heritage as well as her family’s textile business. Her work has been featured in Domino and Vogue magazines, Anthropologie stores (in the U.S. and the UK), and in her first art gallery show at age 25 in Long Beach, CA.

Continue scrolling for some images of Nancy’s artwork as well as the cards in our holiday collection that feature her illustrations. We also included our Q&A with Nancy below.

Dream destination:

I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland. It just seems like the most magical place ever!

Magical place:

I’ve been to many magical places like, Israel, Italy, France, Switzerland and Spain. And the one thing that made everything so magical was the food, culture and artwork.

Ideal dinner date:

The cast of Golden Girls, of course!

Favorite album:

“Brenton Wood’s 18 Best.” It was the first album my father bought me and one of the best “Motown” albums ever!

Recommended read:

“A Place of Quiet Rest” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Favorite recent film:

Does the Hallmark Channel count?

Favorite foods:

Sushi, Mediterranean and Tacos of course!

Power color:

Emerald Green

Beach or mountains:

Misty Mountains!


A lush botanical garden filled with butterflies, hummingbirds and tiny little ladybugs.

Prized possession:

My Dachshund Lucy

Preferred sign-off:

With warm wishes,

Etiquette tip:

Small things like saying thank you when someone opens the door for you at the supermarket and saying good morning when someone passes by on your daily morning walk.

Writing utensil:

A Palomino Blackwing pencil.

Road trip game:

Does sleep count??

Go-to hostess gift:

My homemade Madelines!

Hidden talent:

I can bake a pretty authentic English scone. In fact, one time I baked 300 of them!

Perfect cup of joe:

Decaffeinated, unfortunately.

Childhood dream job:

A Botanist, a baker, and I even wanted to be a race car driver at one point.

Creative fuel:

A walk in an old English garden.

Tool of the trade

My handy dandy iPad! But I also love gouache.

You can shop all of the Dogwood Hill card designs with Nancy’s artwork pictured below on our website.

Photography: Mary Margaret Smith Photography

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