Christmas is a year-long celebration for the Dogwood Hill team! Our creatives are constantly soaking up inspiration and exploring ideas to bring exciting new twists to holiday themes, while simultaneously creating products that feel timeless and chic. September is the long-awaited month where we get to share our hard work with you! You’ll find our 2020 Holiday Collection layered with patterns, florals, painterly marks, greenery and classic holiday themes. Santa and his reindeer make their way over the city in Inslee Fariss’s City Sleigh Ride suite. Sarah Robins Powell summons feelings of nostalgia with her Pears and Thistle garland, a true holiday classic in her signature watercolor technique. Holly Hollon’s Nutcracker Patisserie suite will satisfy your sweet tooth and brings a new level of creative magic to the iconic nutcracker. We have two fabulous new artists that we are thrilled to add to our lineup: Nancy Noreth and Sally King McBride. My favorite furry muse made her way into the collection in my Galley Winter suite (sending a big hug to my fellow Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loving friends!). Our creative team has worked tirelessly to curate a collection of holiday paper that will have a little something for everyone, no matter your holiday style!


Lucy Young
Dogwood Hill Creative Director

Abby Jessup

Ashley Begley

Eden Flora

Evelyn Henson

Gina Langford

Holly Hollon

Inslee Fariss

Lucy Young

Nancy Noreth

Rachel Rogers

Riley Sheehey

Sally King McBride

Sarah Robbins Powell

Shanna Masters

Tenn Hens

Vaughan Spanjer

Willa Heart


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