New Dixie Artist Ashley Begley identified her passion at an early age and has been drawing and creating her entire life. After graduating from The Rhode Island School of Design with a concentration in Graphic Design, Ashley spent several years at Lilly Pulitzer as a Surface Designer, honing her craft in painting and print making. Her work converges between watercolor fluidity and applied design structure. After seven years in the fashion industry, Ashley started her newfound studio which marries her passion for painting, typography, and textiles to create custom pieces for celebratory occasions.

Continue scrolling for some images of Ashley’s Dixie artwork in-progress as well as the finished cards in our holiday collection that feature Ashley’s art. We have also included our Q&A with Ashley below.

Dream destination:  


Magical place: 

Portugal, the Algarve Coast.

Ideal dinner date: 

Anni Albers

Favorite album: 

Any album from The Talking Heads! GO RISD!

Recommended read: 

The Tools

Favorite recent film: 

Lady Bird

Favorite foods: 

Salted Caramel Ice Cream, Truffle mash potatoes, Burger

Power color: 

Sage Green

Prized possession:

I have this small gold trinket box in the shape of an elephant head. It was my grandmothers. She used to put her matches in it, accompanied by this gold cigarette case. I have it at my desk. Also, My. Mom gave me a diamond necklace when I turned 16. I never take it off!

Preferred sign-off: 

xx, Ashley- I think that’s from my Lilly Pulitzer days!

Etiquette tip: 

Thank you notes of course! And never show up empty handed.

Writing utensil:

My husband bought me this tortoise ballpoint pen for Christmas one year! I loved it.

Go-to hostess gift: 

I like giving candles and often bring along some personalized stationery.

Perfect cup of joe: 

An extra shot and black please! Waiting for my heart to explode!

Childhood dream job: 

A fashion designer. Then I realized I don’t do well with 3D. 🙂 So I went for textiles instead.

Creative fuel: 

Travel always inspires me. Experiencing different walks of life.

Tool of the trade: 

Pen and India ink. Drawing is my first love!

Photography: Mary Margaret Smith Photography

Card Image Photography: Holland Williams Photography and Mary Catherine Brownfield Photography.

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