We are so excited for the addition of our envelope liners to the Holiday Collection this year! We think our clients will have a ball adding an extra dose of flair to their holiday envelopes. Below we have included step-by-step instructions, as well as a video tutorial, for how to adhere these beautiful liners to your Dixie holiday cards as well as some of our favorite options to shop below.


1: Insert your envelope liner into the envelope.

2: Fold Down the flap using the crease of the envelope to guide the fold.

3: Apply glue to the point of the envelope liner. DO NOT glue in the crease area as this will make it difficult for the envelope to fold back correctly.

4:  Fold down the flap onto the liner to attach the liner to the envelope and rub your hand across the flap of the envelope to bind.

5: Open you envelope and TA-DA! Your envelope liner is in.

TIP: Make sure to enjoy Christmas Movie on Netflix while assembling your envelopes or get a group of friends together and it goes twice as fast!

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