One of our favorite lifestyle bloggers, Sarah Tucker, recently used our Pink Cosmos & Ladybug Crest invitations (pictured at the bottom of this post) for a “Monograms & Mom-mosas” baby sprinkle she hosted at her home. We’re thrilled to share the details with you! This party was filled with girly pink hues and spring flourishes. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for her fun party favors!


My friend Amber and I hosted a sprinkle shower for sweet Jordan from My Southern Mommy.  We actually met through Instagram a couple years ago, and we live two streets over from one another.  She’s from Mississippi – the mother land.  I have loved getting to know her over the past three years and my children love playing with Covington.  The shower was monograms & Mom-mosa’s themed.  Though there were plenty of actual mimosas too (:We had so much fun picking out the flowers.  We went to Kings Wholesale, and unless you order them ahead of time you may not have a ton to choose from.  But we got lucky and they had a lot of favorites.  We used garden roses, ranunculus, larkspur, silver dollar eucalyptus, snapdragon, and italian ruscus.  I also found pretty roses at Aldi of all places to fill in.  If you physically open them up, they look more like garden roses than just regular roses.  I used a lot of what I learned helping Caroline with my sisters flowers – you can see that post here.  Including using quick dip!  I tied pink ribbon on a lot of easter decor that did double duty for this shower.  {you can find the little wreath sculpture here}The invitations were from Dogwood Hill (c/o).  We also slipped a monogrammed tag in with the invites, and on the back included the baby’s initials.

The big rose in the middle is from Aldi, and like I mentioned earlier, I just pulled it open to make it look like this. I am still loving my buffet I found at goodwill, and it’s nice to have a spot for things like this for parties. My mom gave me this huge champagne bucket for my birthday a couple years ago.  I’ve used it so much!  It was from Marshalls, but this one from Wayfair is similar.Love these little Crudités – hummus with all of your fave veggies.  Easy, self serve, and pretty.

The party was at 2pm on Sunday.  It was such a great time for a sprinkle (and easy on the hosts!) as everyone had eaten, and all we really needed to have was a few things to eat.  Shannon painted this almost three years ago and it’s been in basically every party I’ve thrown or my friends have thrown since.  

My dress is from Rent the Runway – and is dress the population // my pink shoes are from J.McLaughlin c/o.

An olive and tate inspired cheese board, but with Aldi ingredients.  

We did a single succulent for a favor.  My friend amber told everyone that every time you see it, to say a prayer for the baby.  I love that.

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