1 // Tie gift tags around silverware or on top of a plate to serve as a place card.

2 // If you’re giving the gift of a kitten or a puppy this holiday season, up the adorable factor by attaching one of our gift tags to your new furry friend.

3 // Have guests in town? Keep a stock of plain stockings on hand, but make everyone feel special when you attach a pretty, personalized tag to their loot.

4 // Going to a cookie swap or potluck? Make sure everyone knows who made that killer shortbread with one of our stylish labels.

5 // Every hostess likes a good bottle of wine, but with one of our personalized tags, no one will forget who brought the best!

6 // Hosting a buffet? Ditch the bland sticky labels for something more special, and tie on our pretty tags to identify what’s what.

7 // When wrapping gifts, attach sprigs of fresh, hearty herbs like rosemary with a gift tag for a fragrant, personalized touch.

8 // If you’re giving a book to the bookworm on your list, have your tag laminated so they can use it as a bookmark!

9 // While you’re laminating, preserve another one of this year’s tags as an ornament for your tree.

10 // Make a tabletop decoration using branches and an array of gift tags: ones from this year, ones from last year, ones you’ve received. Place branches (spray paint them white or silver!) in a vase or container, and attach gift tags as you would ornaments, as a reminder of happy times past and more to come.

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