Dogwood Hill Collective is privileged to work with our talented company photographer, Mandy Busby.  Mandy is a Southern girl who, after some time working in stationary and paper in Texas, moved back to Birmingham with her husband, Joel, where they currently live with their two little boys. Mandy shoots a wide range of subjects: weddings, lifestyle, editorial, and commercial–but she is passionate about creating and capturing beauty on film in every project. Apart from her work behind the lens, Mandy is a floral designer (visit who relishes the joy that a beautiful arrangement can bring to others, and the feeling of making something with her hands. From wedding shoots to family portraits, Mandy has a remarkable skill of creating natural, effortless moments and capturing beautiful details no one else sees.

Dream trip: Italy

Most magical vacation: Paris, with my husband Joel

Favorite foods: Dessert, dessert, and dessert

Beach or mountains: Mountains in summer, beach in the fall

Creative fuel: Family time, and great conversations with my husband

Personal treasure: Photographs and 8mm videos of my family

Childhood dream: Famous singer

Take a look at some of Mandy’s stunning floral work:

Photo credit:  Rylee Hitchner

Photo credit:  Stacy Richardson

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