While Casey Snipes has already been a longtime Dogwood Hill friend and team member, we are thrilled to introduce her to you today as one of the new ARTISTS from our 2023 Holiday Collection!

Casey hails from Northern Virginia, and after graduating from Covenant College in 2012 with a BA in Art, she and her husband, Brandon, made Birmingham, Alabama their home. Casey spent her early adulthood painting, collecting and selling vintage clothes, and reading biographies on George Washington. In 2020 Casey and Brandon welcomed their daughter Zoe to the world.

After spending many years in the world of retail, Casey eventually found a passion for prop styling that easily complemented her love of creating art. She has enjoyed working as a stylist in many capacities, but was especially excited to come on board the Dogwood Hill team in 2018. Her role at Dogwood Hill has consisted of styling Dogwood Hill’s products at photoshoots and curating social media posts. And more recently, after much encouragement from Dogwood Hill’s Creative Director, Lucy Young, Casey began creating artwork for the company.

This is her debut holiday season as an artist, and she hopes the collections she created alongside our design team portrays the whimsy, charm, and magic of life.

Our team of graphic designers were able to turn Casey’s beautiful artwork into seven stunning holiday collections:

All of the collections featuring Casey’s artwork can be shopped here, but continue scrolling to read about the inspiration behind each one of these colorful collections.

“It was a joy creating all of the artwork for these holiday collections and I pulled inspiration from all over my life.” Casey said. “The Christmas in the Highlands Collection (below) pulled inspiration from the blue and white china that my mother and I both collect. I also took inspiration from our mother-daughter trip to Scotland where we rode the famous Jacobite Steam Engine, otherwise known as the Hogwarts Express, across the iconic Glenfinnan Viaduct.”

The Dala Collection was inspired by Casey’s best friend from college who married into a Swedish family, and then had two very blonde and adorable daughters. Casey enjoyed researching the dala horse, a classic Swedish symbol, and imagining their beautiful family adorning the cards as she created the artwork.

Casey says The Gossamer Garlands Collection (shown below in two color ways) was inspired by the deep-felt, worldwide, holiday rivalry between team WHITE lights vs. team COLORFUL lights in their holiday decorations.

Inspiration for The Charmante Collection struck when Casey recreated a Parisian 80’s bow garland (did we mention she has a thing for Vintage?!) in a playful and colorful palette –complete with a fluffy white cat! “I may have just watched the Aristocats with my daughter, which I’m sure provided some subconscious inspiration!” Casey joked.

Casey’s Stained Glass Collection was inspired by… well… stained glass! Casey loves the idea of the heralding angels, spreading the good news of the Christmas season.

Last is The Cottagecore Collection, Casey’s FAVORTIE one. It’s filled to the brim with all of her personal loves … florals, ribbons, a quaint little cottage, copper pots, books, ducks, you name it! “The way the Dogwood Hill designers took the elements I provided and created this vibrant collection was a wonder to behold!” Casey said.

To learn more about Casey, you can head to her artist profile here on our website.

Product Photography: Mary Margaret Smith Photography

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