Darby Fallon Clark was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, where she resides with her growing family. She has a deep admiration for fashion, florals, and entertaining. Darby thrives in a creative setting – whether it be party planning or decorating her home, she loves the thrill of a scheme. Instagram is her creative outlet, where she shares all of her fashionable finds, hostess tips, and mom hacks.

Darby was paired with Dogwood Hill artist Sally King McBride who created the artwork for Darby’s Georgia Garden Holiday Tastemaker Collection. “Darby’s aesthetic—feminine, elegant, and bright—hold so much appeal, and made the experience of painting this collection such a joyful one. Her design brief for the collection: ‘vibrant, upbeat, traditional, gardenesque, feminine,’ struck a chord with me, and her suggested subject matter of anemones, floral wreaths, citrus, velvet ribbon, and big bows aligned well with my artistic interests,” Sally said.

Sally recalls that Darby logged into their first Zoom meeting wearing her favorite color: bright pink! “As always, the Dogwood Hill team helped me refine my ideas…what began as a somewhat over-crowded watercolor garden eventually became the streamlined, yet elegant, patterns you see in the suite. My favorite? The Georgia Garden Pink Garland, which I’m using for our family card this year,” Sally said.

Below you will find a preview of Darby’s holiday tastemaker collection as well as our Q&A with Darby. We have also included a few of our favorite snapshots from Darby’s stylish and bright Instagram page.

What was the process like designing your holiday suite with the Dogwood Hill team?

It was truly an honor. I was absolutely thrilled when the team reached and the oh-so-talented, Sally King McBride, brought my art visions to life. I have followed her for years and continue to be blown away and inspired by her creativity. The feminine florals and citrus accents are perfect, and I am still torn on which design I want to send out to our family and friends, because I am so drawn to them all.

What kind of holiday shopper are you – Black Friday, Christmas Eve or year long stasher?

I am a year long stasher! Giving gifts is my love language…nothing excites me more than finding the perfect gift for a family member or friends. Catch me in April with an overflowing gift closet!

What do you love most about the holiday season?

The non-stop festivities and Christmas music playing everywhere you go, all day long.

If you had to pick one holiday movie to use as inspiration to decorate your own house, what would it be?

Eloise at Christmastime – because around the holidays, more is MORE!

Are you team white lights or colored lights?

White – forever and always! My husband is like Clark Griswold and puts light GALORE on the exterior of our home. It absolutely glows.

Are you team real tree or faux tree?

Real. Even though they are a total mess, it is so much fun going to pick out a tree every year and you cannot beat the smell.

What is your go-to holiday hostess gift?

I have two! Depends on the recipient, but I either do a boozy hot coco basket with Bailey’s, hot coco mix, marshmallows and candy canes. My other go-to holiday hostess gift is a Christmas candle. Simply nothing better.

What is one item on your wish list this holiday season?

Fine china! I collect all sorts of china and enjoy entertaining, so you can never have enough.

What are you most thankful for this year?  And what are you most looking forward to in the New Year?

I am endlessly thankful for my family, friends and health. My boys are my absolute everything. Becoming a mom has made me realize how valuable friendships are. SO grateful to have such loyal, fun loving and compassionate girlfriends in my life. Looking forward to watching my little ones grow and hopefully continue growing our little family.

What is your favorite holiday dessert? Would you be open to sharing the recipe?

Do dessert cocktails count? Peppermint hummer hands down. It’s thick, creamy and lights you up like a Christmas tree!

○  1 1⁄2 oz of white rum (I use Bacardi)

○  1 1⁄2 oz of coffee liquor (I use Kahula)

○  2 scoops of peppermint ice cream

○  1⁄2cupofice

○  Blend in blender, garnish with mint leaf and candy cane, and enjoy!

Card Photography: Mary Margaret Smith

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