While all of our artists create out of a plethora of meaningful inspiration, the artwork in Dogwood Hill Artist Sarah Ragan’s holiday collection is especially sentimental this particular year. Sarah’s block print designs were inspired by a country that has held her family’s focus as they work towards adopting a little girl from India. Sarah’s family has completed ten months of paperwork and approvals and are now waiting for a match with a child.

“I wanted to honor [our daughter’s] culture and her birth country by creating designs inspired by Indian hand block patterns. In college, I did my concentration in print-making and have always been drawn to patterns and textiles. It is an artform that I’ve found especially beautiful. Indian block printing is a heritage craft and these patterns and fabrics are truly amazing works of art. Since they are stamped by hand, you can see the lovely registration marks that are sometimes offset – each piece is unique. I bought Indian fabrics to study before getting started on this collection and loved examining the details of how they are produced,” said Sarah.

The commission that Sarah earns for these designs will go towards her family’s adoption fund. You can shop each of the four India block print inspired holiday collections that feature Sarah’s artwork here. We have also included a sneak peek of the beautiful card designs below for you to preview.

Styled Card Photography by Mary Margaret Smith Photography.

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