We are so excited to finally share this fun baseball themed party that our Operations Director, Kate King, threw pre-COVID. The party was inspired by our Home Run Collection that launched last spring. Read along to learn from Kate about the amazing vendors who helped pull it off and get ideas for a party that even busy moms should be able to pull off!

Once Kate spotted the fun baseball artwork created by Dogwood Hill artist Shanna Masters, she was determined to find a way to use the collection for her sports-obsessed two-year-old Ayden. According to Kate, Ayden gravitates toward all balls (especially baseballs!), taking after his former baseball player dad.

That said, the Home Run Invitation was the perfect fit for this party. 

Kate acknowledges that planning children’s parties can seem like such a huge undertaking – especially if you are a working mom! By sharing this party, she wanted to share how easy and low-stress it really can be.

After nailing down the invitation, the next item on the birthday checklist was finding a location, which can prove difficult for a February birthday with little ones. Kate’s past go-to party venue has been the park, but Alabama winters prove very un-predictable. Her husband also requested the party not be at their house, because the after-party cleanup is never fun! So, brainstorming began for a cost-effective location that allowed plenty of run-around space for the children.

Kate landed on a room in their church, because there was also access to the outdoor playground if the weather cooperated. In case of rain, Kate had a special activity planned to keep the little hands busy during the party.

The next key to this being a no-stress party for Kate was the team at Birmingham, Alabama-based Party Pick-Up. After communicating the party’s theme, Party Pick-Up sent Kate several pictures and ideas and allowed her the final say for the party decorations. 

Kate’s favorite Party Pick-Up addition? The balloon garland (pictured at the top of the post)! In addition to the decorations, Party Pick-Up also provided the miniature sized tables and chairs and put together the cute favor boxes shown below.

Party Pick-Up also often partners with Savor Style, who provided the beautiful charcuterie board for the hungry parents at the party.

Kate enlisted the help of her mom for the pottery painting activity she had planned for the children at the party. Kate’s mom owns a pottery studio in her hometown of Tyler, Texas, so she brought her supplies and expertise to the figurine painting table! After the party, Kate’s mom had the figurines fired and glazed, so that Kate could return each painted piece to its artist as a special party favor.

Kate attached our Glove Gift Tag, also part of the Home Run Collection, to each fired figurine upon its return.

With baseball season in full swing around the country, we are sure there are some moms pondering how to pull off this same type of birthday celebration, so we hope this post has inspired and encouraged each of you to add a little bit of America’s favorite pastime to your next party! Because we think Kate hit this one out of the park!


Paper: Dogwood Hill

Décor: Party Pick-Up

Charcuterie board: Savor Style

Pottery Painting Station: Piddlin’ Pottery

Birthday Boy’s Shirt: Sew Adorable

Photography and Paper Styling: Brennan Clark Smith


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