It’s hard to believe that this holiday season is almost over! At Dogwood Hill, we decided to cap it off by styling one last sparkly, scrumptious, mini-soirée, to inspire and delight.

While we may not be attending large holiday parties this year, we still like the idea of celebrating in style. So we took inspiration from this gorgeous dining room at the home of the Pursell family of Pursell Farms, and, with the help of Christina Brockman of Huckleberry Collective, created a cozy but decadent display of Christmas treats and cocktails. We loved using our owner Jennifer’s personal antique champagne glasses, which are a much treasured gift from her sister-in-law! We absolutely adore incorporating pieces with meaning in our set-ups, it just makes everything extra special.

Flickering candles and sparkling rosé set the scene, and this invitation from our Famille Rose Medallion Collection, with artwork by Holly Hollon, provided the perfect pairing for our intimate gathering.

We hope you enjoy all the images of our Christmas Cocktail Soirée, and we hope it inspires you to keep on creating beautiful moments for you and your loved ones!

Photos by Mary Margaret Smith Photography

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