Today we are introducing you to our next fabulous Holiday Tastemaker — Roxy Te Owens, founder and creator of modern furniture company, Society Social! From an early age, North Carolina native Roxy was no stranger to the world of furniture, having even lived in her family’s first furniture factory until she was two. As a young adult she spent her summers working in the office and fall and spring attending High Point Market. Years later, with a degree from Parsons as well as valuable retail experience under her belt, Roxy took to e-commerce and proudly launched her very own furniture line, Society Social, in 2011. The new company made a splash offering all the fun customization usually reserved for designers – color matching for furniture pieces in any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore finish, custom tape trim, fringe, piping and tassels on upholstery as well as the ability to upholster pieces in a customer’s own material. Just a few months after the company launched, a rattan table from her first collection was featured in House Beautiful’s “The Best” and soon after Southern Living declared, “Roxy is the leader in the bamboo furniture movement.”

Designed with everyday gatherings and celebrations in mind, Society Social’s colorful collection of furniture has since caught the eye of tastemakers across the entire breadth of the interior design and publication worlds. Roxy, her husband, and their young daughter currently live in Roxy’s hometown just 5 minutes from the Society Social factory where she proudly continues her family’s legacy. Society Social opened its first flagship located in Charlotte, North Carolina last year.

Roxy was paired with Dogwood Hill artist Inslee Fariss who created all of the artwork in her Tastemaker Collection. Inslee started out by riffing on Roxy’s favorite Hollyhock fabric, and once the decision was  made that the color story should be a festive red, green, and blue, the magic really sparked! Continue scrolling for images of the collection featuring Inslee’s artwork, and you can shop the entire Roxy Te Owens Tastemaker Collection here. Be sure not to miss our Q&A with Roxy at the bottom of this post!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

We lived in the city for almost 10 years before moving to NC. Despite living in Gramercy Park, we weren’t among the lucky ones to possess a key to the last private park in Manhattan! Once a year on Christmas Eve, the park opens up to the public and hosts a full choir singing Christmas carols. The twinkly lit, holiday décor clad city is magical enough on its own but on this night, it always felt more wondrous and full of joy!

What is your most memorable holiday and why? 

We brought our daughter home in December of 2017. In anticipation of her mid-December due date, we had decorated on the earlier side which was a good thing because she decided to make her debut in November. I’ll never forget the night of her homecoming, our apartment was warm and bright. We ordered all the take out, cozied up by our twinkly tree, and had our first dinner together as a new family.

Which cards (from your Tastemaker Suite) will you be sending out to family and friends this holiday?

I love the Royal Chintz! Inspired by my favorite textiles, Inslee translated it perfectly.

For Holiday cards, how do you compile your list?

It is honestly a free for all. I love that this time of year makes you think of loved ones from every stage of life and gives you the opportunity to send warm wishes no matter how much time has passed.

Do you have a consistent go-to gift for family? friends? work acquaintances? 

Our Society Social champagne cork safes always make for a quick and easy gift!

What is your go-to holiday hostess gift?

See above.

What is your favorite last-minute holiday gift idea? 

Food! Can you ever go wrong with food?

What keeps you inspired during the busy holiday season? 

Being able to give to others.

What brings you a sense of calm during the busy holiday season?

My family, our daughter.

What is your go-to favorite holiday scent?

This may not be the most elevated answer ever, but I can’t help but love a cookie or sugar scented candle!

Who is on your dream holiday party guest? If applicable, please share their Instagram handles. 

Idina Menzel as Elsa. We would communicate only in song at said dinner party.

Where are you daydreaming of traveling to in 2021? 

Our daugher is a flower girl in a wedding that was supposed to take place in the Swiss Alps this past September.  To get there it would have taken 2 planes, a train, a bus, and a gondola. September 2021 here we come!

What are you most thankful for this year? And what are you most looking forward to in the New Year? 2020 has been such a strange year! 

Our bright, spirited, spunky, sweet daughter who is the reason for it all.  2021 will be our first settled year in our first home, we are looking forward to making more memories as a family and creating our own traditions.

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