The 2020-2021 school year is finally upon us after an especially long hiatus due to the pandemic. We know school will look very different this fall for every family and every school system in the country, all practicing varying degrees of social distancing. That being said, we asked Dogwood Hill team member and veteran boy mom Bethany Terrell to round up her Top Five Dogwood Hill Back-To-School Picks to help keep her organized and her four school-aged boys on track for the busy days ahead. Bethany’s boys will all be actually attending school this fall, but she homeschooled each of her boys in their younger years, so she is confident that these products will be also be helpful for the families that find themselves learning at home this year.

Continue scrolling for Bethany’s back-to-school picks. And don’t forget that our team created some adorable printables earlier this year that would be wonderful for the homeschool families as they are compiling lesson plans. And these printables would definitely add some pizazz to all of the binders that you are sure to be dusting off in the next few weeks.

Bethany and Seth Terrell with their boys Blevin (10th grade), Caleb (8th grade), Judson (5th grade), and Barker (3rd grade).

Bethany’s Dogwood Hill Back-to-School Picks:

1. Eugenia’s Garden Weekly Notepad –  For sure! With four boys, their schedules are all over the place, so the weekly planner just helps me look at my week at a glance and I can keep it out on the counter and write things in through the week.
2. The Verey Floral Notepad – I am a list girl and it helps me to mainstream all I need to do when I write it down, so these notepads are a must to keep up with everything!
3. The Champagne and Rosé Floral Gift Tags – I also love to give a little gift to each of my boys teachers. I usually do a cute hand soap, and having a custom gift tag ready to go helps make my day easier and makes the simple gift seem so special.
4. The Brafford Monogrammed Folded Notecard – I always want the teachers and admin to know how thankful I am, so I like to write a little note thanking them in advance for a great year of school.
5. The Dinosaur Sticker –  Our Dixie stickers are adorable and make it easy for my younger boys to spot their belongings.

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