We loved catching up with Savannah Blogger Monica Lavin of Lavin Label! We collaborated with Monica on our Art of the Entry Collection in 2018. Since then Monica has been diligently working on renovating her family’s historic home. Be sure to peruse her Instagram page for the stunning room reveals. During the renovation, Monica and her husband discovered they were expecting a little girl. This allowed them to joyfully spend their time in quarantine this past spring finalizing their nursery for their newest addition! Continue scrolling to read more about how Monica kept busy waiting on their little girl’s arrival in May amidst all of the COVID19 shutdowns.

What is currently inspiring you?

Spring in Savannah. I’m taking a lot more walks with the dogs and I’m loving the beautiful spring blooms that are popping up all over this historic town. Chinese Fringe Trees, Jasmine, roses are all in bloom and smell so fragrant. We’ve been having beautiful weather so I’m really taking advantage of beach walks on the sandy shores and the soft blue sky.

2. What is one positive to being home during this time?

Definitely for me, I’d say the quality time that Casey and I have together. We’ve taken advantage of bike rides, lazy weekends and time to put the nursery together. It’s definitely been a blessing for us!

3. How are you practicing:

Creativity: I’ve been baking a lot recently and I love to create my own recipes! Just this weekend, I made up a recipe for raspberry and lemon muffins, a tomato and onion quiche and a mixed berry pie.

Kindness: I practice meditation so when I take walks to the park, I’ll sit on a bench and meditate for about 10 minutes. I’ve also been doing a lot of prenatal stretches on YouTube just sitting in my living room. And I indulge in a bath almost every night! Lastly, since I’ve been baking, I’ve been making extra for friends and neighbors.

Discipline: This has been the hardest for me since I like to work at coffee shops and I’m forced to work from my home office. But I’m making the most of it. I’ve taken on a few eDesign clients so I like to do a lot of the work mid-morning after my walk with the dogs. It also helps knowing that I’ll be on maternity leave in a few weeks so I can’t procrastinate!

4. Name one item in your house that is bringing you joy?

I’m lucky that we just renovated our kitchen since I’ve been spending a lot of time baking and cooking. But we’ve just purchased an outdoor table for our patio and we’ve been taking full advantage of eating breakfast and dinner outside on the patio.

5. We’re seeing a surge in physical correspondence as there is always something special about receiving a hand-written note and people now have more time. If you were to send a physical note to three of your Instagram friends, who would they be?

I’ve been writing a bunch of thank you notes to sweet friends and family who have been sending gifts for the baby! Of course, I’m using my Art of the Entry x Dixie Stationery Collection! If I’d write a note to three Instagram friends, it would be @Cestriley (I just purchased her botanical prints@LelaRose (my fav dress designer) and @AmyBerry (love her interiors).

6. Three favorite items on Dixie’s website.

I love all of Dixie’s beautiful designs! My top favorites currently are the Bamboo Coral (love their baby announcement design),

Jardin Majorelle,

Palladio Blue,

the Rose Bunnies,

and Peony Garden, (ok so maybe my five top designs!)

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