We continue our Creative Chat series today with Caroline Boykin, a talented Southern artist who has Alabama roots but now lives with her family of four in Raleigh, North Carolina. We first featured Caroline as one of our Holiday Tastemakers in 2018. A ceramicist and a painter, Caroline’s celebrated mixed media pieces have graced the pages of various prestigious publications and can be found hanging in beautiful homes throughout the country. Continue scrolling to read about how Caroline has managed her time with her family and as a business owner throughout the pandemic and to see images of some of her stunning pieces!

What is currently inspiring you?
My backyard. We have put some major love into making it a “French garden” this year and right now everything is in bloom! The backyard is lush and full of hope. All things that I want to feel in my artwork!

What is one positive to being at home for you during this time?
My family has found lots of positive things during this time at home. I think the most resounding is just getting to be together. Of course it has been hard too, but everything has slowed down and we are enjoying the act of doing life as our little family. My daughters are 5 and 2 and watching their relationship grow as they play everyday at home has been really special. I hope my girls look back on this time fondly as when they realized what a blessing it is to have a sister.

How are you practicing:

Creativity? Creativity is so fun with my littles! From making breakfast to making care packages for our friends, my girls literally turn everything into a project. It’s a mess over here but very fun! Homeschooling was centered around creativity at our house, probably because I am much better at that than Math!!

Kindness (towards yourself and others)? Well that is something we have to work on daily. Kindness is tough between quarantined sisters! I have been giving 30% of my sales to our local food bank too. I haven’t been able to volunteer with the girls home so giving feels like my best way to help.

Discipline (your work, your health, your routines)? Not much of that happening! I am trying to give myself more grace now than discipline. Grace that whatever I got done that day is the best we could do as our little family unit. I try my best to work while Alice, my 2 year old, naps in the afternoon but sometimes that doesn’t happen and that is OK! Lots of walks and bike rides to get fresh air but that is more medicine now than discipline.

Name one item in your home that is bringing you joy or that has new meaning in this time?
Stove. I am loving all of the time to cook for and with my family. Also my comfy bed, being with my family all day is exhausting!!

We’re seeing a surge in physical correspondence as there is always something special about receiving a hand-written note and people now have more time. If you were to send a physical note to three of your Instagram friends, who would they be?
Loving this! My 5 year old, Leavie, has started “pen pals” with a few kids from her Kindergarten class and it is precious!! Writing letters back and forth is helping her practice reading and writing. She is loving making her own cute stationery and the delight of a letter waiting in the mailbox.

For me, I would love to send a little note to James Farmer, he is pure southern inspiration! Becky Boyle, to ask her about the beauty she is creating right now and thank her again for our last project we did together. Lastly to Heather Mcmahan to thank her for the never ending giggles and to tell her that I am so very sad our paths never crossed while we were both at Ole Miss.

What are three of your favorite items or patterns currently on Dixie’s website?
Anything from Inslee! Love her Woodland Collection so much.

For Mother’s Day I purchased the Nouveau Paperwhites gift set for my momma and the Heirloom Border gift set for my mother in law…wishing I had gifted one to myself!!

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