Today we continue our Creative Chat Series with interior design mastermind Shelley Johnstone Paschke. Shelley was one of our Holiday Tastemakers last year, and we have loved keeping up with where her finely-honed design skills have taken her. Based off of our chat with Shelley, a global pandemic does not seem to have slowed this Chicago-based designer down! We hope you enjoy our Q&A with Shelley below, and we are confident that her gorgeous yard will inspire your own landscaping plans for your backyard!

What is currently inspiring you?
All the incredible heroes on the front line that are working tirelessly for everyone and truly making a difference. Also, for people that are keeping a positive attitude and showing kindness in these uncertain times. 

What is one positive to being at home for you during this time?
Time with my husband and children

How are you practicing:

Creativity? I’m practicing creativity 24/7 right now because of how busy we are with our current design projects…

Kindness (towards yourself and others)? Kindness towards myself-still working on that…towards others-continue to be supportive, understanding and kind and raise children that are spreading the same compassion and kindness

Discipline (your work, your health, your routines)?

Work-Because we are so busy I’m working much longer hours, I’m trying to work on shutting it down in the evening and setting more defined hours.

Health- I started off really disciplined and then the Easter candy slipped in, Cadbury mini eggs are my weakness.

Routine-Everyday a bit different with work but the entire house between work and online classes is really busy throughout the day… family dinners and relaxing in the evenings. 

One of Shelley’s current design projects in the Lake Forest Showhouse in Chicago.

Name one item in your home that is bringing you joy or that has new meaning in this time?
Hands down the home gym and pool being open have been such a gift for the family, for me having the weather begin to get better and spending time outdoors and in my little garden, priceless.

We’re seeing a surge in physical correspondence as there is always something special about receiving a hand-written note and people now have more time. If you were to send a physical note to three of your Instagram friends, who would they be?

Bettie Pardee @privatenewport – We met via IG and ended up visiting her for the Newport Flower Show and a continued friendship

Andrea Kavanagh @TheGlampad –Bettie invited Andrea as well and through IG became friends

Aerin Lauder @aerin – Also met through IG. She, like the two above, appreciates and still practices the art of lovely handwritten notes.

What are three of your favorite items or patterns currently on Dixie’s website?

Rosalie Notecard by Gina Langford

Wild Posey notecard by Inslee Fariss

India Block Print blue notecard by Gina Langford

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