Next up in our Creative Chats series is the talented jewelry designer, Nicola Bathie McLaughlin, who was one of our 2019 Holiday Tastemakers. Spend just a few moments perusing Nicola’s Instagram account and you will will quickly fall in love with  her feminine earring designs, her sharp eye for interior design, her affinity for all things English countryside, and her two beautiful young daughters. We hope you enjoy our Q&A catch-up session with Nicola below!

What is currently inspiring you? 

The movie Emma. It is completely inspiring our master bedroom update (see inspiration picture below).

What is one positive to being at home for you during this time?

Much more time with my children and husband, all being healthy and safe together.

How are you practicing:

Creativity?: Creating a quiet time where I know I can sit and think without be disturbed. For me, creativity comes from a clear mind, and some alone time.
Kindness (towards yourself and others)?: Knowing this is a trying and overwhelming time for myself, but it is also that way for others. No matter what you think you might know, you really never know what someone else might be going through.
Discipline (your work, your health, your routines)? I have been trying to stick to a daily routine: wake up, exercise, breakfast, work, etc.

Name one item in your home that is bringing you joy or that has new meaning in this time?

My espresso machine.

We’re seeing a surge in physical correspondence as there is always something special about receiving a hand-written note and people now have more time. If you were to send a physical note to three of your Instagram friends, who would they be?

Kensingtonroyal because, of course.

Monalogue because I am beyond envious of her life in the english country side.

Rosielondoner because her mind is incredible, her positivity is contagious and her Q&As are brilliant.

What are three of your favorite items or patterns currently on Dixie’s website?

Garden Tea Collection

Avonlea Periwinkle Collection

Blush Blossom Collection

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