Today we continue our Faces of Dogwood Hill series with our Marketing Director Extraordinaire, Casey Snipes! Casey is the face behind all of Dogwood Hill’s social media and marketing platforms.

After spending years in the world of retail, Casey eventually found her passion in styling, creative direction, and social media management. She loves being able to help clients visually capture and communicate the essence of their businesses. She has very much enjoyed stepping into the Marketing Director roll at Dogwood Hill, and wakes up extra early and extra excited on photoshoot days. Outside of work, Casey enjoys traveling with her husband, hunting for vintage clothes, reading biographies on George Washington, spending time with her two cats, Luna and Minerva, and dreaming up plans for baby Zoe’s nursery (due in February!). Continue scrolling to learn about a very special holiday collection custom created just for her and for our Q&A with Casey at the bottom of the post.

True to her stylist propensities, Casey has dubbed her overall holiday aesthetic as “A Barbie Christmas in Palm Springs, Scotland,” conveying her love of all things tartan, floral, and pink. Her Scottish roots truly run deep while also carrying some regal blood lines in them as well. Her great-grandmother Barbara Burnett comes from the Scottish family that lived in Crathes Castle (pictured below) in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The gardens at Crathes Castle are renown for their inspiration of the classic, The Secret Garden, which was also written by a Burnett in Casey’s family line!

 Recently having returned from a trip to Scotland, Casey shared images of the castle, the gardens, and her family’s crest with Dogwood Hill artist and Creative Consultant Holly Hollon who created the beautiful artwork found in our Burnett Holiday Collection! You can see the inspiration board Holly put together for this collection on Pinterest here.

 Holly flawlessly incorporated the holly, greyhound dogs, and the hunting horn, all elements of Casey’s original family crest, into the modernized Burnett family crest pictured below. She was even able to give the family tartan a fun modern twist with the pink tones that are so near and dear to Casey’s heart!

Our Q&A with Casey

Where is your hometown?

I was born in Richmond, Virginia, but spent most of life growing up in Alexandria, right outside of D.C.!

What is your Alma Mater?

Covenant College (Go Scotts!)

What was your very first job out of school? 

As a sales associate at Anthropologie

Favorite Dixie Product?

The Burnett Collection, of course, but I also am obsessed with all of our wrapping papers!

Favorite date night spot in Birmingham? 

Dinner at El Barrio will always be a favorite, and it’s within walking distance to some of my favorite bars: The Atomic, Queen’s Park, and Carrigan’s, just to name a few!

Favorite music to get you in the mood to work?

I love working to soundtracks, my most listened-to ones would have to be the soundtracks to Amélie and Outlander, and of course during the holidays there’s nothing better than the Peanuts Christmas soundtrack.

What does a day in life as Casey look like? 

Every day is different for me! Usually I spend a good bit of time on the computer planning out Dogwood Hill’s social media schedules, other days I’m on location either styling photos for the next Dogwood Hill launch or working with other clients on their branding images. Most days I also spend a good amount of time watching Gilmore Girls and hanging out with my cats!

Tell us about your plans for Zoe’s nursery!

It has been such a dream come true to finally get to decorate a nursery! And for a girl?! I basically can’t think about anything else. We chose a very vintage and girly looking block printed hummingbird wallpaper from Cole & Sons and then we are adding in layers of pinks, florals, and tartans, and a bamboo dresser that I’m particularly excited about! I’m also planning to add an art print of the illustration of Crathes Castle Holly created for the Burnett Collection above Zoe’s crib!

Favorite Instagram account (or accounts) to follow for inspiration? 

I love following @designsponge, @imakestagram, and @carsonellis for artistic inspiration and @msmaverickmuse, @juliahengle, and @zoelaz for personal styling inspo.

If you could spend your perfect day anywhere in the world, where would you be and what would you do? 

It would definitely be spent just wandering the winding streets of Edinburgh (my favorite city on earth) while enjoying a nice crisp cider… There’s not much that sounds better than that to me!

You can shop the entire Burnett Collection on our website here.

Card Photography: Mary Margaret Smith
Card Stock Image Photography: Holland Williams Photography

Styling: Casey Snipes

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