Dogwood Hill Holiday Tastemaker Chassity Evans is a blogger, Charleston, South Carolina dweller, wife, and mother. Launched in September of 2010, Look Linger Love is her daily lifestyle blog where she explores her passion for style in fashion, interiors, and entertaining. She has been featured on and worked with many brands including Real Simple magazine, InStyle Magazine, Garden & Gun magazine, and many more.

Chassity worked with Dogwood Hill artist Evelyn Henson who created the vibrant and festive artwork found in Chassity’s Tastemaker Collection, which was inspired by Chassity’s resort, colorful and feminine style. We love the nods to her beloved South Carolina hometown found throughout the collection’s artwork like the bright punches of citrus trees and garlands.

We have enjoyed getting to know Chassity through the process of creating this collection, and we are excited for you to learn more about her through our interview included below that reveals her holiday traditions, her favorite childhood books, and even her hidden talent!

Favorite Holiday Tradition:

All of it. Starting with breaking out the Christmas music in November. Collecting ornaments for myself and for gifting. Overloading the tree with lights. Holiday parties! We throw a big party every year and it’s always one of my favorite nights of the year. Cheesy holiday movies. Sharing all the sweet moments with my kids, like finding the Elf on the Shelf every morning. And making all of my favorite childhood recipes. 

Favorite Late Minute Holiday Gift Ideas:

I buy a lot of quirky ornaments early in the season to have on hand for gifting, so this is usually my go to idea! A really decadent box of handmade chocolates from a local shop never fails to impress. And I also love sending Greetabls to those out of town!

Most Memorable Read:

Both the Babysitter’s Club and the Sweet Valley High series were basically my best friends growing up. I was a huge book worm. Now I’m re-reading all of my saved BSC books to my daughter Lilly. We’re already on number #40! She loves them almost as much as I did!

Favorite Home Town Eatery:

Charleston has so many amazing restaurants that it’s too hard to narrow it down, but Xiao Bao Biscuit, Little Jacks, and Lewis BBQ are a few of my favorites.

Prized Possession:

They’re not special and probably definitely not what you’re looking for here, but my troll collection from my childhood brings me so much joy. They’re displayed in my kids’ playroom and seeing them there everyday is just the best!

Most Sentimental Christmas Tree Trimming:

My Granny made me a set of crocheted ornaments that are my most favorite of all. I have about 15 of them and they’re all different colors!

Go To Hostess Gift:

Callie’s Biscuits!! Its makes breakfast so easy for the hostess to easily pop in the oven in the morning.

Hidden Talent:

I can rap! I mean, not well, but I can keep up and it’s usually a crowd shocker! It’s good to keep people on their toes.

Starbucks Order:

I like my coffee simple, plain black! So boring.

Dream of being as a kid:

This is embarrassing, but one of my first memories from childhood is telling my mom that I wanted to be a bird when I grew up. I really thought you could actually be anything you wanted to be. And I thought long and hard and decided that I wanted to be a bird. Ha! Shortly after I wanted to be in the Ice Capades and I also wanted to be a singer/dancer!

Trick of the Trade:

Living with a “Go For It” mentality! Every day. Wondering “what if” is one of the worst regrets you can have in life!! If you have an idea, plan for it and make it happen. If it fails, it’s okay! At least you tried! And if it works, well then that’s where the spice of life lies!


We have featured some of Chassity’s Tastemaker Collection below. You can access all our Tastemaker cards, including those from previous years, under the Holiday menu on our website


Card Photography: Mary Margaret Smith Photography and Mary Catherine Brownfield.

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