For anyone who has been lucky enough to experience the glittering white sandy beaches of 30A in the Florida panhandle, you would probably agree that the scenery is very close to idyllic. So what could be better than a beautiful holiday brunch in this coastal location where the warmer days cling to the waning of the autumn season?

Dixie’s Senior Designer and 30A local Shelby Boston gathered her friends together for a toast to the holiday season which marks the beginning of a slower-paced season at the beach. Shelby chose Dixie artist Smith Diano’s beautifully modern Sea Color Wheel collection for her invitations, recipe cards and gift tags shown above. We think this collection perfectly captures the colors of the beaches of 30A. Continue scrolling for the scrumptious and beautiful brunch buffet and all of the holiday sweets on the party menu, including some of 30A baker Elisabeth & Butter’s treats!

The table was set with a variety of beautiful Juliska dinnerware and dishes as well as little holiday decor touches from a local shop, Mingle 30A.

Shelby chose a selection of Rose wine from the 30A Coastal Dunes Wine Company.

Spiced tea is one of our favorites this time of year! Our owner, Jennifer Hunt, shared her family’s traditional spiced tea recipe with us last year on the blog. You can find the post here. And the lovely napkin fabric shown above was created by Smith Diano, who also created the art featured in the Dixie paper used for the party!  Visit Smith’s textile company to shop all her gorgeous fabric designs.

These classic cinnamon rolls are given holiday flair with orange and cranberry flavors infused into the recipe. You can find Elisabeth & Butter’s Orange Cranberry Cinnamon Roll Recipe here.

The brunch’s grand finale was this stunning Gingerbread Layered Cake with hand-decorated gingerbread cookies by baking genius, Elisabeth & Butter. The gingerbread cookies used on the cake were also included in the party favors shown below. You can find Elisabeth’s recipe for these adorable cookies here.


Paper | Invitation, Menu, Gift Tag
Photography | Brenna Kneiss
Holiday Decor | Mingle 30A

Dinnerware and Dishes | Juliska
Baked Goods, Elisabeth & Butter
Textiles | Textiles by Smith

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