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We are thrilled to add new artist duo Bonnie Cross and Currier Stevens of Tenn Hen Designs to the Dixie family! They are the talent behind Tastemaker Caroline Boykin’s beautiful card collection we spotlighted last week. We have featured some of our favorite holiday designs featuring Tenn Hen’s artwork below, but first, please allow us to introduce Bonnie and Currier to you.

Bonnie Cross and Currier Stevens make up the graphic design team of Tenn Hens Design, a studio based out of Nashville, Tennesee specializing in unique paper goods, branding and marketing materials. Their artistic style and advertising background combine to help them create timeless, thoughtful pieces. They adore watercolors, pretty paper, vintage postage, and all the details that make up the perfect package. Bonnie and Currier worked together for several years at an ad agency, became fast friends and were soon dreaming up ideas for their own business. They took the leap in 2005, setting up shop in a tiny spare bedroom with computers and new business cards while looking for clients. Little did they know, Tenn Hens Design would still be going strong so many years later and fulfilling their artistic passions.

Dream destination:

Currier: The Mont Blanc Trail in Europe

Magical place:

Bonnie: Istanbul

Ideal dinner date:

Bonnie: Jerry Garcia. | Currier: Queen Elizabeth

Listening to:

Bonnie: Rumors. | Currier: Eat a Peach or American Beauty

Recommended read:

Currier: YaYa Sisterhoood, The Secret Garden, The Education of Little Tree, A Time to Kill

Film rec:

Bonnie: Lion. | Currier: The Darkest Hour

Favorite foods:

Bonnie: Homemade pizza, chips & salsa, and I’m on a huge olive obsession of late! Currier: Anything with avocado, artichokes with lemon butter, and watermelon feta salad

Power color:

Bonnie: Kelly green. | Currier: Sage green

Personal treasure:

Bonnie: Vintage agricultural signs from my father’s collection. | Currier: My very extensive collection of art supplies that has only grown consistently since 1988ish

One should always:

Bonnie: Write a thank you note. | Currier: Be respectful of my elders.

Favorite road trip game:

Does listening to true crime podcasts count as a game? We’re obsessed.

Hidden talent:

Bonnie: Expert horseback rider | Currier: I love to make jewelry out of found objects – rocks, antlers, tumbled sea glass, leather.

Childhood dream:

Bonnie: Professional equestrian 3-day eventer | Currier: an artist! I am thrilled to be lucky enough to do what I love!


Card photography credits:: Holland Williams Photography and Heather Durham Photography.

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