We loved getting a sneak peek into Dixie artist Laurie Anne Gonzalez’s studio space! Bathed in natural sunlight, the space’s warmth reflects the life and energy that this artist infuses into each of her art projects. Laurie Anne just completed her art designs for Dixie’s 2018 Christmas collection, and we cannot wait to see where her creativity led her!

Continue scrolling to read about where she turns to for her artistic inspiration and for some fun behind-the-scenes shots of Laurie Anne’s creative process. We have included some of our favorite Dixie products that feature Laurie Anne’s artwork at the bottom of this post.

When do you work on your artwork?

I am a full time artist so I work almost everyday. Even if I do not have any “work” to do, I draw or paint something everyday to stay in practice.

Do you have a particular morning [or nightly] routine you follow to get ready to work?

I wake up and spend the morning snuggling with my pup, Hazel, and drinking my chai latte while watching an episode of whatever my latest TV series is and then once that’s over, I get to work. I love my morning routine and starting my day with some “me time.”

What is your favorite part of your work space?

I love that it is in the heart of our home. We live in a really small house and I turned our little breakfast nook/dining room into my studio. I was always working at the kitchen table and would clean it up everyday but recently decided to just embrace it as my studio, and it really fits in with our little home and I love it.

Where do you turn when you need to be creatively refreshed?

I follow all my favorite artists on instagram and love to see what they are working on, but I also love to look back on all the past great artists. I took excellent notes in Art School and have a lot of good artists that I go back and reference for inspiration.

What do you like to listen to when you work?

I always have a TV series playing in the background. Listening to a storyline and occasionally looking up to see what’s happening keeps me going and entertained. The bad thing about this is that I’ve watched/listened to almost everything and am constantly looking for new shows! Ha!

Favorite instagram account for artistic inspiration?

@artisticmoods is really awesome. She features artists from all over the world on there! I was actually featured on her instagram and blog a few months ago!

Favorite Dixie product featuring your work?

My favorite Dixie product… this is a hard one!! I really loved my Nativity from this past Christmas, but I also love my Teepee and bear suites. I love them all. Dixie always does such a beautiful job with my artwork!


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