Seasons Greetings! I am Lee Cordon of DoSayGive, a space where I write about how to be lovely and gracious in everything we do, say, and give. I love giving gifts that are beautiful and timeless – and books are one of those things! Today I am sharing some of our favorite classic holiday children’s books and how they help bring our focus back to the true meaning of the season. Plus, a few book traditions you might want to incorporate into your family.

One of the reasons my children love holiday books is because I bring them out just during the holidays. It’s always so much fun for them to page through their favorites after they’ve been away all year. I know some families who will wrap up 25 books under the tree and unwrap one each night in December to read. I don’t have time for that much wrapping but we read at least one Christmas book a night. Our favorites include stories of giving and service and, of course, baby Jesus. There are so many Christmas-themed children’s books out there, but I tend to like the books that have stood the test of time. Classic books with rich language and beautiful illustrations. Ones with sweet stories that my children ask to read again and again. I think these kinds of books make the best books to give as well!

Ways to Give Timeless Christmas Books

  • Each year wrap up a holiday book under the tree for your children (and write a sweet inscription and the year). It’s become a tradition in our family to give our girls each a new book on Christmas Eve.

  • If giving a little girl a doll, consider pairing it with a vintage copy of Tasha Tudor’s precious A Doll’s First Christmas or The Story of Holly and Ivy, about a girl that wishes for a doll and a doll that wishes for a girl. While The Best Loved Doll is not a Christmas book, it’s a must read for all little girls and would pair perfectly with an American Girl doll. For boys, pair a classic Lionel train set with The Polar Express.

  • Former White House Social Secretary, Lea Berman, once told me that when she attends a holiday party at a home where there are young children she will bring 2-3 classic Christmas books as the hostess gift. So thoughtfully unique!

  • Instead of baked goods, why not give your family friends and neighbors a beautiful classic Christmas book to enjoy with their children? Give a different one every year and they will have a nice collection of holiday books after several years.

More Christmas Book Favorites

As told from the animals’ perspectives on the night Jesus was born, Song of the Stars is a precious book that will bring tears to your eyes. The illustrations are just stunning. An Orange for Frankie has a powerful message about giving and being thankful for even the smallest gifts. It’s one that sticks with you long after you’ve finished reading it. Mortimer’s Christmas Manger is an adorable book for young children about a mouse who decides to live in a family’s nativity set. Any of these books would make a special gift this holiday. And one day they can pass them down to their children and grandchildren. After all, timeless stories never fade. You can see these and more Beloved Christmas Books, as well as age recommendations, on DoSayGive’s Holiday Gift Guide. Along with suggestions for classic toy favorites as well. Merry Christmas!

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