It’s finally that time of year! Your mailbox receives holiday cheer each day in the form of personalized Christmas cards from friends and family. Often times, these thoughtful cards get misplaced or placed into a stack, but why not decorate your home with these festive greetings? Our stylist, Augusta, has collected a few ideas to help you deck your halls with your holiday cards this season. 

Deck the Mantle: The fireplace is the anchor of most living rooms, and its mantle should represent your own personal style and design. This year, try decorating your mantle with some of your favorite cards you receive! Start by laying out the foundation of the design with one large centerpiece, maybe an art deco mirror, or family photo. Next, incorporate decorative pieces like vases, candlesticks, and other trinkets. Add in some fresh garland and maybe some white twinkle lights to bring in the holiday spirit. Finally, add in your holiday cards from friends and family! Prop the cards against the decorative pieces, grab a small picture frame holder, or even stand them up within the tinsel. Not only will your mantle look perfect for the holiday season, but your friends and family will gush over your displayed cards!

Frame a Favorite: Consider framing one of your favorite holiday cards! Whether it’s your own personal card, or an illustration from another card, there are plenty of beautiful designs to keep as decoration throughout the year. Our fabulous designer and illustrator, Sarah Robins Powell, has created some incredible paintings for her designs. Sarah’s “Advent” design is a perfect example. Frame this beauty in a gold frame, display in your
entryway or mantle and enjoy it year round!

Garland: There’s nothing like fresh tinsel to make your home feel perfectly festive. Whether you adorn your mantle or create a wreath, there are plenty of ways to incorporate garland around the house during the holiday season. By using wooden clothespins, or even gold paper clips, you can attach each Christmas card to the greenery as you receive them in the mail. If the garland is hanging from the stairwell, or doorway, loop a thin piece of ribbon behind each card in order to hang them off the greenery. Add some twinkle lights to make things merry and bright!

Decorative board: If you are looking to decorate your entryway, or even an available space in your kitchen, try displaying your Christmas cards on a decorative bulletin board, magnetic chalkboard, or lattice board.  If you can’t find a decorative display board to compliment the interior of your home, they are actually quite simple to make! Check out the handmade bulletin boards we created for our very own Dogwood Hill holiday card display.

Ribbon: Want to keep things festive, without going through too much trouble? Simply attach your favorite style of ribbon, or yarn, down the center of your kitchen cabinet, or pantry door! Then attach your Christmas cards with wooden clothespins, metal clips, or even paperclips.  Attach a little ornament, or sleigh bell, to the bottom of each ribbon, for a small festive touch.

Tree: We love the idea of having multiple Christmas trees in your home. Hang your Christmas cards (or pin them) to a small Christmas tree in your entryway, or dining room. If you need something for a table top surface, try adding some branches or curly willow to a blue and white ginger jar, and hanging your cards from the branches. Your guests will love how you decorated your home with cards from loved ones!

We love saving our holiday cards in a memory box or keepsake album to remember our family and friends who sent us a card, or wrap each year up with a ribbon to organize them. Each Christmas you can pull them out and display; it makes for a fun conversation starter at a holiday party. Our Dogwood Hill photographer, Mandy Busby, keeps her cards in a decorative container in her kitchen. During the weeks following that holiday season, her family takes a moment to pick a card out of the box and pray for the family/friends on the card. However you decide to display or decorate with them, we hope each card you receive brings you joy!

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