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A Plate of Cookies and Unique Cards Make it Easy to Spread Cheer This Year

Before braving the crowds to find memorable gifts, before picking out the perfect tree, and long before polishing the silver and dusting the china, there’s one treasured tradition to attend to: writing and sending your holiday cards. We like to make an afternoon of it–put on a pot of tea, test out a batch of Santa-worthy cookies, and spread the cheer.

But first you have to find the cards.

Since 1843, when the first commercially-produced Christmas card went into the post in England, the tradition of sending holiday greetings has spread all over the world. Millions and millions of Christmas cards are sold every year in the United States. It’s tough to find a mantel-worthy card, and custom design can often be quite expensive. Whether it’s a missive to friends far away, or a howdy to a neighbor seen on a daily basis, holiday cards are more than a way to catch up with old friends and spread goodwill–they’re tangible, often beautiful evidence of wonderful relationships and acquaintances fostered over the years.

This year, however, take a few moments to enjoy the tradition, because Dogwood Hill Collective is here to help. Our artists and calligraphers create beautiful, personalized products that you’ll be proud to slip into your mailbox. Perhaps a lovely tri-fold card, like this playful “Reindeer and Sleigh” design by artist Sarah Ragan, which can be personalized with photos and a message of your choosing. Possibly the whimsy of the “My Favorite Things” card is more your style–this design by artist Sarah Robbins Powell can also be custom-ordered to include your own photo and genial messages. Whatever you choose, our designs will be on your doorstep within two weeks.

This holiday season, we’ll be sitting down to write our cards with a plate of buttery, jammy strawberry streusel cookies from our friends at local company Baking Bandits, who were kind enough to share their (definitely Santa-worthy) wares with us. Find their delicious baked goods at Octane, and look forward to the opening of Feast & Forest in downtown Birmingham in late fall.

Whatever your card-writing tradition may be, relax and enjoy it because this year, we’ve got you covered.

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