I’m a little obsessed with Boston Terriers. You would be too if your family had owned them for five generations! My first two Bostons were both named Dixie and as I was developing the concept for this company, I knew I wanted Dixie included in the name. I also grew up in the South, so I loved that the name would not only be special because of my childhood pets but would also represent a place known for hospitality and entertaining – the place where you want to get the best stationery for the perfect party.

Since my last Dixie, there has been a Molly, Lucy and now Cami – the new names were forced on my parents who wanted to continue the Dixie naming tradition! It’s been many years but you’ll still sometimes hear one of them call out for Dixie instead of the “new” name. 

The company logo was actually designed after our current dog, Cami, and she’s the one you’ll find on our website. The Boston Terrier obsession started on my mom’s side of the family and when my dad met her, he fell in love with the breed too. When my husband and I started considering a dog twelve years ago, we briefly thought about taking a leap into another breed world. Ultimately, he couldn’t do it – he fell in love with Bostons too! Apparently once a Boston owner, always a Boston owner!

I hope you enjoy looking through a few photos of the original “Dixie” dogs. My hope with naming the company after my sweet childhood dogs was that our customers would know the company was created and named with a lot of love and attention to detail. We strive to make your experience with us feel personal and provide you with a product that feels special – from holiday cards to wedding invitations to your baby’s first birthday party. And just maybe I can convert a few of you into Boston Terrier lovers! 

Last year artist and creative director, Holly Hollon, created a collection inspired by Dixie and the colonial decor of Jennifer’s childhood home, read more about that collection here and shop the Colonial Collection here

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